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An Essential Guide to Doing Business With The Chinese (Elective)

  • 09-Mar-2016
  • Full On-Line Class With 10 Modules


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A common mistake many business people make when going overseas is not making the time and putting in the effort to understand the basics, the essentials necessary to develop relationship (guan xi).

  • Their strong task orientation prevents them from understanding the importance of developing rapport and earning trust.
  • Poor listening skills lead to misunderstandings that blow the deal or escalate conflict.
  • They are clueless on the important customs and courtesies that mean a lot individuals and government, and
  • They can't make a positive first impression or engage in small talk.

By taking this class, you will learn and get grounded in essentials of of doing business by:

  • Discovering how to establish a positive first impression,
  • Finding out what topics safe and what is taboo
  • Knowing key milestones and important figures affecting Han civilization
  • Knowing the invisible--the key cultural values affecting business practices
  • Enhancing your communication skills to reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding,
  • Discovering important elements so Chinese etiquette -- in social and business contexts

The Major Modules in the class are:

1. Survival Mandarin

2. A Short Guide To the Middle Kingdom

3. Modern China: Critical Events, Must Know Leaders

4. East Meet West: Key Cultural Values Used in Business

5. The Values and Customs That Make China Unique

6. Getting To the Other Side of Culture Shock

7. Effective Communication: Techniques That Work

8. Practical Guan Xi: How to Establish and Build Relationships

9. Chinese Business Practices, Customs, And Etiquette

10. Chinese Social Etiquette: The Behavioral Side of Personal Relationships

11. The Chinese View of Business Strategy

Access the 1-page overview of the course 1-Sheet-Chinese Business

Access the detailed module descriptions for the 11 topic areas that make up the class

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