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Leadership Communication Skills: What You Must Know to Influence a Group

  • 06-Aug-2018
  • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line (Concentration: Verbal Communication Skills & Leadership Foundations Ends Feb 26)
  • 10


  • Learn with an instructor. Focus on both expertise and skills. Assignments can be adapted to organizational needs. Quoted price is per individual assuming a group of 10 or more. Questions: contact
  • Choose one module and with 4-weeks to complete. You meet with your course Guide at the before class start, weekly during delivery, and at the end (for debrief and lessons learned). In each theory and practice cycle, the first week is dedicated to getting the theory down. After that, it all about practice and reflection. Bonus: Receive a classic white paper on “How to Improve Reading Comprehension.”



"When managers and other responsible persons in business organizations are asked how much of the work day is spent in communicating, the replies range from 85 to 99 percent." -- Harold Zelko and Frank Dance (1965)

This course focuses on six essential leadership communication skills—the kind of skills that lead to increased levels of responsibility and increased pay. 

After all, one cannot be effective as a leader if one doesn't posses stellar communication skills. 

And really, you can never get too good at the art of communication.

Modules include:

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