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Unlock the Power of REFLECTION: How To Learn From Experience (Short Course)

  • 12-Feb-2018
  • A 4-Week On-Line Short Course (Concentration: Mastery Practices)


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“People Don't Learn From Experience” — J. Edward Deming

That 15 years of experience on a resume? it's mostly one-year of experience repeated 15 times. It's true, most people don't learn from experience. Despite it's importance, reflection is rarely taught. And because it is not taught, we:

a.  Keep making similar mistakes over and over again,

b. Don't learn from practice

c. Keep doing the same thing the same way, but always expect a better result. 

But you can  learn a better way, a way of evaluating experience and behaviors to determine what's working and wheat's not. 

"Life teaches but only if your are willing to learn." Anonymous

Learning Outcomes

Level I: Knowledge and Understanding
  • Identify the causes for not learning from experience
  • Know the 4 major types of reflection
  • The 3 different ways it can be used
  • Discover the questions that can be answered with reflection
Level II: Skills Development
  • Practice using reflection in difference situations.
  • Practice using it as a means of examining automatic behaviors.
Learning Methodologies
  • 2 Videos and 10 Readings
  • 2 of Exercises and 2 of Assignments

Special BonusGet a free Chapter from the ebook, "The Methods of Masters: How to Build the Skill of Building Skills."

Remember: You have a Money—Back Guarantee 

"Those who succeed learn from their mistakes. The really successful learn from other peoples mistakes." — Murray Johannsen

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