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Unlock the Power of REFLECTION: How To Learn From Experience

  • 09-Jul-2018
  • A 4-Week On-Line Self-Paced: Concentration: Mastery Practices (Level I Learning)


  • On the Dual Track, a Short Course you have 30-days to complete. You meet with your course Guide at the before class start, weekly during delivery, and at the end (for debrief and lessons learned). In each theory and practice cycle, the first week is dedicated to getting the theory down. After that, it all about practice and reflection.

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“People Don't Learn From Experience” — J. Edward Deming

That 15 years of experience on a resume? it's mostly one-year of experience repeated 15 times. It's true, most people don't learn from experience. Despite it's importance, reflection is rarely taught. And because it is not taught, we:

a.  Keep making similar mistakes over and over again,

b. Don't learn from practice

c. Keep doing the same thing the same way, but always expect a better result. 

But you can  learn a better way, a way of evaluating experience and behaviors to determine what's working and what's not. 

"Life teaches but only if your are willing to learn." Anonymous

Learning Outcomes

Level I: Knowledge and Understanding
  • Identify the causes for not learning from experience
  • Know the 4 major types of reflection
  • The 3 different ways it can be used
  • Discover the questions that can be answered with reflection
Level II: Skills Development
  • Practice using reflection in difference situations.
  • Practice using it as a means of examining automatic behaviors.
Learning Methodologies
  • 2 Videos and 10 Readings
  • 2 of Exercises and 2 of Assignments

Special BonusGet a free Chapter from the ebook, "The Methods of Masters: How to Build the Skill of Building Skills."

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"Those who succeed learn from their mistakes. The really successful learn from other peoples mistakes." — Murray Johannsen

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